miércoles, 3 de octubre de 2012

Analysing an advertisement

Immediately after listening to the marvelous and unbeatable Rolling Stones’ piano, the relation between the words of the song and what started to happen in the ad caught instantly my attention. I kept still waiting for the rest of the words within the song to come, but actually it was the chorus part being repeated twice. I thought it had been an awesome technique to compare the high quality image of a new Sony led TV to the great amount of colors within a rainbow or to the feeling which a beautiful woman could cause before a man’s eyes.

Firstly, the ad employed the rolling stones’ song She’s a rainbow in order to produce a sense of familiarity when listening to a well known song, which referring to the lyrics, the singer of the song, Sir Jagger, is showing a great delight at the woman he is singing to, comparing her to the joy of watching at a rainbow after a heavy rain or an unpleasant moment in one’s life. ‘She comes in colours everywhere, she combs her hair, she’s like a rainbow, comes in colours in the air and everywhere, she comes in colours’. The ad relates these words to the quality of an image that can be appreciated through this TV set.

Secondly, the ad used bouncy balls in order to cover the entire screen with coloured balls bouncing along San Francisco Streets where it took place. The ad does not include information related to what is most important when choosing a TV set to buy. It only shows millions of colours and at the end of the ad, the words “colours…like no other”, in order to make you realize that the more colors you would distinguish at the moment of watching a film or a TV programme, the better. In fact, the brand loyalty arises by itself when a new Sony product is being advertised. Once people are able of having any of these brand products, will know indistinctly about the long term durability or highest quality not only in video but also in sound and in any Sony product.

Lastly, the ad employed a personification between the main character of the lyrics of the song, a woman, and the TV set. The use of both symbols comparing the TV image to a beautiful woman, who comes in colours everywhere, was used as an impact tool, making the buyers think about beautiful women, or the joy you feel when you are in love with somebody. Colours all over you see.   

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  1. Cool ad!!! Is there any relationship between the lyrics and the ad?
    Remember to bring the text to class so that I can have alook at it.

    stella :-)