miércoles, 17 de octubre de 2012

Analysing an advertisement picture

    I chose this advertisement picture in order to display a humorous way of reacting before death. Death is not supposed to be frightening at the moment you watch the picture, it only makes you think about the reason of getting closer to see it.
The first thing I noticed looking at this advertisement is how my attention was caught instantly by the single command which is written in the middle of the picture. In the picture there is a photograph of a subway station, and the Ad is opposite the platform of it. The humour was denoted after reading the phrase ‘Come a little closer’. The reason was that if you got closer, you would have to jump on the railway, and the train would run over you, possibly killing you. And the fact is that your family would have to take on funeral services in case you were dead.
The advertisement uses color contrast between the white picture background and the letters of the phrase in black. and black hair to center your eyes on her rather pail face, and more specifically her green eyes. What is crucial to this advertisement is that attention is attracted through death. The advertisement simply wouldn't work the same if the ad was in the street or on a wall along the centre of a city. The authors thought about a very dangerous place in order for the phrase really had sense.

I liked that certain strange way of advertising their services. And I definitely think that it is the best way of making you think about your own death through a humorous message technique. I think that another way of advertising funeral services would cause a lack of interest. Death is something which frightens people and considering it through humor is a way of making it look of less importance.  Maybe writing a phrase as ‘Smoke it and then we do the rest’ as regards cigarettes, would be also a funny way of making people think about the damage it causes.  

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