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Writing and writers are a must

Gustavo Ascolano
Professor Stella Saubidet Oyhamburu
LEE 4 – 41
April 14, 2014
Portfolio 1
Writing and writers are a must
Every day since the past, up to this right moment, people need to know about the things or situations that happen not only around them but also around the world. A way of knowing something that is happening in the present, or maybe a need of knowing something that happened in the past, or simply the need of knowing about new cultures, simple actions, feelings, stories, thoughts, news or facts around the world. There are a few ways of letting these facts be known by somebody else, and that may be by oral or written expression. The most difficult to be effective is by oral expression, because it may be impossible to tell something by yourself to a great amount of people, unless you were a president or a famous star from a TV show. While the written expression, is by far more easily shared with people. That may be a very important reason why writing and writers are a must and a wide world need for our development as a planet.

After being aware of the existence of the different steps in the writing process, I realized that my piece of writing does not follow most of these steps. The first step, Prewriting, I think I found the idea that I wanted to develop, that was related to the explanation of why writing and writers were a must, but following that, I realized that I did not take time for the free writing and brainstorming phase. Actually I took some ideas that I had thought about, a little time before beginning to write, but without writing them down. The worst part referred to a phase that in fact was missing in my piece of writing, and it was the moment when the writer should decide on audience, voice, and purpose of the writing. I did not think about an audience, I just considered my professor’s point of view, and that was a real mistake.

        As regards second step, Drafting, I think I put my ideas into complete thoughts before writing them down in the prewriting step, but when I typed my piece of writing, I realized that there was information which was unrelated to the topic and its purpose, and the important lack of a conclusion, which made me understand that my conclusion was about the reason why writing and writers still are a must, and I do not know whether it is right or wrong yet.
        In connection to the third step, Revision, I only analyzed the organization by myself without considering its genre and the audience it had been aimed to. I see I should have thought about the creation of smooth transitions between the sentences and paragraphs in order to review the complete structure of the work.
        Related to the fourth step Editing, I realized that I did not pay careful attention to each sentence and its function identified in the paragraphs. I did not manage the sentence length, and I did not apply short sentences to communicate individual ideas, most of them were compound and long sentences which in fact do not make connection between ideas. Besides I did not do proofreading in order t correct errors and improve style and clarity, and that is because it may not have a real style in writing or simple clarity.
       Regarding the last step, Publishing, I think that I am still on time to do it properly, but with a piece of writing which may have plenty of corrections to be done, it may become difficult to accomplish this step without feeling satisfied with the structure content and coherence of the document.

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  1. In spite of the (some) language mistakes, the organization is OK.
    Pls, check the SOURCE>>it's highlighted in WHITE and it cannot be seen properly.

    stella :-)

  2. Marvelous! Thank you. It had defeated me before, but this time in another computer I won. (The evil Source)