viernes, 12 de septiembre de 2014

Speaking in the Light of Writing

Speaking in the light of writing from Gus Tavo

Metacognitive Analysis
      The fact of making a presentation aimed to my partners was a really frightening idea. Once my group got together to think about a certain way of catching my mates’ attention, we quickly realized that we should have met some time further back in time to really finish it without problems. The video made things more interesting, in my opinion, to avoid delivering a monotonous class, or just built up with speeches which the audience would have to make the effort of assembling the five pieces of information. This idea made us refer to the video from various sides and topics which really caught our attention and work to make each individual presentation to improve through this academic content. Gaining an ordered process in the class, I think it made possible to gradually lose fear while delivering such an important class in our career.  

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