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Peaceful Beats of Music for Peace Vibration

Peaceful Beats of Music for Peace Vibration
Gustavo Ascolano
Teacher Stella Maris Saubidet Oyhamburu
Language and Written Expression IV
Institute ISFD N° 41

Peaceful Beats of Music for Peace Vibration
Music may possibly be a clear example which shows the characteristics that a unified nation should have in order to prevail in life. One of the several definitions about it leads directly to ‘the science or art of ordering tones or sounds in succession, in combination, and in temporal relationships to produce a composition having unity and continuity’ (as defined by the Oxford English Dictionary). This idea was first introduced to the world through Daniel’s creation of The West-Eastern Divan Orchestra composed of young musicians from Israel, Palestine, Jordan, Syria, Iran, Egypt, Lebanon, and Spain. It was founded to promote peace between Israelis and Palestinians but for the first time, playing Classical Music altogether for the peaceful and fair resolution of the Arab-Israeli conflict. Incidentally, the beats of any kind of music would serve as a real tool for everyone in order to promote peace and social unity avoiding violence and feelings of anger around the world.
In the midst of a territory war between Palestinians and Israelis, the world-famous Argentine/Israeli music conductor and pianist Daniel Barenboim has been working for many years with his classical music contributions by calling for negotiation, empathy and compassion between the two states, but music did not succeed and war still is not over among these societies. His most courageous attempt to assemble the unity of different cultures was surprisingly related to classical music and the peaceful effect of it over young people. He feels proud of the fact that the conflict between Palestine and Israel did not prevent any member of the orchestra from engaging in this gesture of understanding and peace. 
As regards the act of playing and listening to music, Barenboim believes that these activities can provide the individual with the aesthetics of the sound and the experience of collaboration and labor illustrations of key human qualities of mutual dependence, emotional maturity, and community. He relates the procedures of music to those of life. However, the difference with him comes in the degree to which he is not considering his students’ particular situations at home, at the moment they have to explain to their parents that they are seeking for peace through the act of playing music. Most of them have relatives on both sides, the sides that are killing each other. As a matter of fact this turns into a difficult and hard moment for them when they even have to rehearse with their own instruments at home or simply separate music from life.
 In addition, music taken as a symbol of social unity, could gather together hundreds of Palestinians, many of them schoolchildren, who attended the first classical music performance in the coastal territory. Although the Israeli government has previously blocked attempts by Barenboim to perform in Gaza, and Israeli law bans citizens from entering the territory, he secretly organized this concert by entering via Egypt with twenty five musicians. ‘This is a unique gesture from the whole of Europe for you, Gaza’. (Barenboim, 2014). This Jewish musician defies Zionists establishment, by daring to organize such an event also counting with the fact of holding dual citizenship previously awarded by the Palestinian government. He said he believed his rare new status could serve a model for peace between the two peoples’ culture and interest about music.
In spite of the fact of being dead, his dream of ‘Giving peace a chance’ (Lennon, 1969)through a composition of  beats, is still being held by some people in the world as Daniel Barenboim; Hence the music will always be there to unify minds, feelings and an extremely important sense of community around ourselves. Mr. Barenboim is constantly trying to enhance his prospects of finding a new road towards peace through merely the music. Alternatively the music directors of the entire world should take into consideration the use of Daniel’s project to spread peace widely across the entire world. Consequently, the peaceful beats of music will be the starting point to propagate kind feelings and avoid the violence in our souls.    

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